We keep reading about trees and talk about them all the time.. but a select few quietly work on planting and nurturing them, their noble cause being creating tree shade for the people, animals and birds. These people have aligned with the dreams of Sahyadri Devrai and have joined the cause. The trees planted by our environmentalist and tree lover friends, the thousands of trees that we have planted will provide for shade, flowers and fruits for the generations to come.

As trees stand strong to support life, we appeal to our audience to join us and show solidarity to this noble cause initiated by Sahyadri Devrai.  As the leadership of Sahyadri Devrai dreamt of having green forests for the Sahyadri region, such Devrai’s are a need for all of today’s India. To maintain environmental balance there is also a need to have abundance of native and imported herbs, plants and trees of medicinal value.

We are proud to announce that Sahyadri Devrai’s initiative has already appealed to a lot of people who have shown interest in the cause and want to have a Devrai in their village and region.

To achieve this goal we want to appeal to all tree lovers and our county’s youth to join us with their contributions as volunteers or donations. We intend to have progress information readily available for all contributors.