Meet the Team

Our Team has celebrities like Sayaji Shinde, writers like Arvind Jagtap and Social Entrepreneurs as Pradeep Lokhande.

Sayaji Shinde

Film Actor

Rising from a small nondescript town, Sayaji Shinde, achieved an rare feat – conquering the hearts of his billon fans with tremendous passion for acting and charming personality.

Arvind Jagtap

Writer, Contributor, Lyricist

A poet, lyricist and scriptwriter well-known for his exploits in Marathi Cinema, the Art and Literature circuit and Television Industry.


We keep reading about trees and talk about them all the time.. but a select few quietly work on planting and nurturing them, their noble cause being creating tree shade for the people, animals and birds. These people have aligned with the dreams of Sahyadri Devrai and have joined the cause. The trees planted by our environmentalist and tree lover friends, the thousands of trees that we have planted will provide for shade, flowers and fruits for the generations to come. Read More…